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We have seen our reputation grow, as the quality of our haulage distribution service has become known and valued by businesses throughout the UK and across Europe. Through a continuing program of strategic development, we offer a range of road haulage services to a portfolio of prestigious clients.


Whether you are looking for a contractual partner to provide a regular road haulage service, or need a one-off job undertaken as soon as possible, our team of skilled and dedicated staff and drivers will ensure that the job gets done.


Our impressive time management record means you can rely on us for delivery of critical consignments and raw materials for just in time manufacturing.


When your needs change we react swiftly, amending job details even when a delivery is in transit. This attention to our client’s requirements has rewarded us with many contracts.


We have proven ourselves in some extremely specialist markets, which has gained us a reputation for being able to meet the demands of a diverse range of clients in all industry sectors. Over the years we have successfully serviced clients in computing, food, printing, aviation and manufacturing industries, and they have all come to rely on Move It Express being there on time, every time.


We understand how critical your business image is; your company is professionally represented at every delivery point with goods arriving on a clean, high specification, well maintained vehicle manned by uniformed drivers that are experts in customer relations.

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